New Beginnings



Faith was aptly named.

From the moment she was born prematurely with only about a 5 percent chance of survival, her life has been one step of faith after another. Despite the odds, Faith’s mother believed she would survive and gave her the powerful name. She spent three months in the hospital but lived!

For much of her adult life, Faith worked as a nanny. Then her mother died, followed by her father. Faith felt so alone but kept moving forward. After that, Faith got so sick that she couldn’t walk. She was hospitalized for a month, but survived. Placing her trust in God, she began rehabilitation that lasted six months. During this time, Faith was unable to work and pay her rent. She lost her apartment and was locked out of all her belongings.

In the middle of the pandemic, Faith found herself homeless. She had no money, no job, no clothes, and still struggled to walk. The 51-year-old was almost out of faith. Then friends like you gave her the gift of a lifetime – renewed faith. The frightened woman came to the Mission with nothing and found kindness and help provided by friends like you. “I was given clothes and three meals a day with homemade food,” she recalls. “I feel like I belong, like I’m home here. This place saved my life.”

Today, Faith is taking the next step in her journey. She is walking now! She is also working toward living independently in her own home. She paints and writes and enjoys reading at the Mission’s library. Your support of our programs gave Faith a new beginning full of hope. She is even looking forward to Christmas this year and knows she won’t be alone. Faith says the holidays at the Mission are a blessing. “The staff and volunteers really make you feel special,” she says. Your continued support of Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries this holiday season will give others like Faith the gift of a lifetime! It starts with a hot meal and safe shelter.


Chad Audi, PhD
President and CEO

Dear Friend,
One of my fondest Christmas memories here at the Mission has to do with three men and the gifts they shared. No, this isn’t a story about the Three Wise Men . . . it’s a story about desperate fathers. The three fathers were a part of our programs here at the Mission—one was a Veteran and two were recently released from prison. They were homeless and struggling to get back on their feet. As Christmas neared, we found out that they had no contact with their children and were not planning on seeing them for the holidays.

They wanted to see their kids and reconnect, of course. However, they were embarrassed to go to their children with nothing. It just didn’t feel right for them at Christmas to have nothing for their children. Through the support of friends like you, we were able to help these fathers get gifts for their children and visit them. All three reconnected with their kids and became family again. I believe those restored relationships continue to this day! What a joy to be part of that blessing!

This is the type of impact your Christmas gift today will make. It takes just $1.95 to help provide a nutritious meal, safe shelter, Christian care, and sometimes a little bit more. As we gear up for the busy holiday season, your support helps us celebrate with efforts like the Adopt-A-Family program that allows parents to bless their children this Christmas. We are also preparing a nice Christmas meal that men and women can be proud to bring their children to.

Thank you for acting with love and compassion this holiday as you share a generous Christmas gift. You’ll give families memories and help to make this season unforgettable.

Rebuilding Detroit, one life at a time,

Chad Audi, PhD

President and CEO


Your support today will give a hurting
neighbor a reason to give thanks!


Chucky Bell says it doesn’t take much to make someone’s day. And this holiday season, you can share a gift that will share joy and holiday cheer with those who are hungry and homeless in our community. As a volunteer, Chucky says whatever time or support you can share will make a big impact, especially during the holidays.

“You don’t have to have a lot of money or time to help someone else,” he says. “Anything you do could be a blessing to them. You could just walk by and say ‘Hello’ or give a hug and it could make someone’s day because you never know what they are going through.”

For the past six years, Chucky has been doing what he could to help his neighbors at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. “I’ve moved furniture. I’ve purchased items and given them out—blankets, pillow, hygiene kits, food, bikes, and coats. I always help during the big events and the holiday season. Most recently, I help pack gifts for the Christmas program,” he says. “It takes a village to help each other.” Whatever you do, Chucky says can make a difference in your own life as well. “It’s a blessing to be a blessing!”

During the holidays, we need as many hands as possible to bless our neighbors in need. If you would like to volunteer this Christmas season, call Kisha Woods at 313.993.4700 or email [email protected].


Lynda loved making a difference long before she met her husband, Mike. As a single woman more than 40 years ago, she began giving to Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries because she believed compassion should start locally by “taking care of our own people in need.”

Soon after, she fell in love and married Mike. He soon shared her passion for helping those who are hurting. They made reaching out to the hungry and homeless a part of their marriage.

“We believe in your work at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and, most of all, we believe in Jesus and all he can do to change lives,” Lynda shares. “We are confident that the Mission is using our money, God’s money, wisely. All our efforts this holiday season and all year long are only possible through the loving support of friends like Lynda and Mike who care about helping people in desperate need.


Randall Pentiuk

Nina Simone Caudle

Teola Hunter

Elizabeth (Bettye) Misuraca

Eric Mitchell

Martha Scott

Frank Taylor

Robert (Bob) Vallance


Sharing the love of Jesus Christ and the message of hope in His gospel. DRMM fulfills its mission statement by providing hope to the hopeless, disadvantaged, and homeless men, women, and children of our community by ministering to the total person — body, soul, and spirit — with services and programs designed to address spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs to those seeking assistance in hopes of them becoming faithful Christians discipled into a local church, rehabilitated and employed, and living productive and restored lives.